Today's Best GIC Rate

How to Purchase

To get our highest guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) rates and purchase your GIC, you will need a personal cheque from a Canadian Financial Institution, a Canadian Social Insurance Number and two pieces of Canadian Government issued identification*. To find a GICdirect Associate Office, search by your City and Province to book an appointment or call Head Office at 877-551-7283 or 250-592-7707 to find an office near you.

If we do not have an office near you, CLICK HERE for our online application. At this time the online application form is available for non-registered GIC's only. Please note that the system will generate the best rate for you based on the account, province and deposit amount selected. 

*Acceptable Identification includes:

Primary (2 primary ID preferred)

Drivers License
Current Canadian Passport
Canadian Citizenship Card
Certificate of Naturalization
Old Age Security Card

Secondary (1 primary and 1 secondary)

Permanent Resident Card
Birth Certificate issued in Canada
Old Age Security Card
Certificate of Indian Status
Provincial Health Card (MB, ON, PE, NWT cards not accepted)